PI4 8GB different featureset??

  • I just installed Recalbox newest release version on my Pi4 8GB and it works so far.

    But I dont get the hires textures working. On my PI3b+ it is working fine (with an older RECALBOX Image).
    Is this different now or does the 8GB version doesnt support this?

  • CRT Hero

    @ralle211 said in PI4 8GB different featureset??:

    does the 8GB version doesnt support this

    There is no difference between 2GB and 8GB version as far as emulation is concerned, since no playable emulator on pi4 will ever need more than 2GB (1GB if you exclude very specific cases with known workarounds), the only noteworthy difference is that 8GB is pricier.

  • @barbudreadmon Thanks a lot!

    I try to get hires textures to run for Super Mario 64 (N64).
    In my PI3b+ (older Recalbox) I am able to set the Core in advanced emulator settings. In the Recalbox 7.1.1 the "core" setting is missing.

    Is there a reason why? How do I enable the hires textures? I copied all to the "hires_texture" folder and enabled the settings in the mupen64plus.cfg inside "/recalbox/share/system/configs/mupen64".

    Is there now more to do or do I have to set the core like Glide64, etc somewhere else?

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