[SOLVED - almost] Recalbox Berryboot Image

  • Has anyone successfully made a Berry boot image of Recalbox?  I'm trying to do it myself but no luck so far.

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    Hi nick, we will make one when we are ready. For now we like the noobs one and keeping the image distribution in one place 🙂

  • Thanks digitalLumberjack. Just playing about with the Rasberry Pi 3 which works great with Berryboot (Ubuntu and OpenElec) but I'm so used to using Recalbox I'm not that keen on Retropie (laughs). I will keep trying and see if I can get it working.  🙂  Keep up the excellent work.

  • I've cracked it (almost).  It works until you try to change any system settings.  But Kodi appears to work and I can run games. Here's what I did to create a working Berryboot image. 1)  I installed the latest version of Recalbox onto an 8GB card and booted it. 2)  Then I put the card into my PC and used Win32DiskImager to create a backup of the whole card 3)  Then I booted into Linux (Ubuntu) Virtual machine 4)  Copied the image to the desktop. 5)  Followed the instructions here: http://www.berryterminal.com/doku.php/berryboot/adding_custom_distributions Note:  When I did this it was 'loop0p7' which was the right partition  I found this out as it was the only partition which didn't error on step 3 (fstab) 6)  Copied the image back to to a USB drive and installed.   http://www.mediafire.com/download/5cczg77cvprd3r7/recalbox4beta2-v1.img

  • I think the issue is to do with where the system saves/looks for the system config file.  On the SD card there is now a separate partition for 'boot' and this is where it's failing.  I think all that needs to be done is to move/create the folders into the same image and it will work. Will continue investigating.

  • I think part of the problem could be the the partitions in one.  Not 100% on that though.  You might need to combine partitions any directories into one partition.

  • Hi all, Where do you stand on this issue ? I'm using the same kind of settings as nickdj (raspbian + recalbox) and I would be interested if you have any proper solution to perform dualboot with recalbox/raspbian. In the meanwhile I will try retropie. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  • no plans to use berryboot. Some time ago i made a few tries and didn't see any real interest in it. The real way to build a berryboot image is to create a dd img including the boot and the root filesystems, then squashfs it. The real "but" in this, is : what will happen of the share partition ? Recalbox is supposed to naturaly extend itself on the free space left on the SD. The next reason wht berryboot is not suited (yet) is for updates : squashfs images are read only images that can't be modified. So no update is possible, you're stuck with the version you have. At least, considering how recalbox is made as of 4.0.0

  • Hello, I became interested and continued my research. If you shrink the berryboot section and add an ext4 partition with the share volume label to the end, all settings are saved and everything works as expected. BUT the main thing that section was the third under the account. The structure will be about such a -> sde1 - boot (fat32); sde2 - berryboot (ext4); sde3 - share (ext4)

  • @barash-twok don't necro such old.posts 😮

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