Configurations keep resetting after software reset

  • Hello there guys,
    I am having a weird issue, happened all of sudden.

    I created (actually my 12y old son did) a custom intro video and deleted the original ones.
    We had a custom game loading screen as well.

    I have edited the file /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg and added FBNEO as an option for Core selection in Mame (because I had some mixed up rom files in Mame folder).

    I had it all running really, really well for weeks until yesterday. Now every time I switch on my RPI4, all configurations go back to stock version (Theme, Videos, Loading Screen and the es_systems.cfg file).

    Any idea why it was working fine one day and got like this the day after?

    What should I do? Go for a clean install?



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    @clkgames It is difficult to be sure what happened, but I have the impression that your SHARE partition has been corrupted.
    This can happen due to a forced shutdown of the system (just unplugged, without turning off the system), or due to poor quality of the SD card.

    One possibility is that you plug the SD card into a USB adapter and try to check and correct errors on windows, this usually works (but unfortunately, not always).

    If it doesn't work, unfortunately, it is recommended to redo the installation, if this is the case, this video will help you (activate the subtitles):

    I have two observations for you:

    • As you can see in the video above, it is recommended that you keep your ROMS, BIOS, SAVES in external storage, this makes it much easier if you need to reinstall the system.
    • I do not recommend mixing FBNEO with MAME, I think it easier to keep them separate, and, in the advanced options of EmulationStation, activate the virtual systems (see this video:

  • @Zing thank you so much for your time and help. I've ended up going for a new install again. I cannot say for sure what caused the issue, however after a clean install everything went back to normal.


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