Setting up an N64 controller

  • Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with the setting up of an N64 controller. It seems like the problem I'm having is there are three layers of controls here. I should mention this is on a Raspberry Pi 4!

    1. When I start up Recalbox and it wants me to set it up. The problems begin here because I don't have enough buttons on the controller to do all the things it wants. For instance, there's no select button on the controller. There's also no extra button for hotkeys so I have to settle for another button, which might be a problem if I have to hit two buttons at once during gameplay.

    2. When I hit the hotkey and go into the menu during gameplay, I can go into Inputs and then Port 1 controls. Here it seems to recognize what kind of controller I have (Switch, Co.LTD. Controller (Dinput)). It acknowledges that I have a z-trigger and and no select button. This is good but it doesn't have a place for me to assign my top and right c-buttons.

    3. Under quick menu there's a place for "controls" but it seems to be mapped out for a PS4 style controller. This page is generally no help.

    Any thoughts? Not sure what to do here. Thank you in advance!

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