External USB storage shared with another retrogaming os

  • I want to try "another retrogaming os" and Recalbox so I will install each in a different USB and boot from them in my computer. Then I want to access the games from a different external USB hard drive.

    I understand that to do this in Recalbox I have to go to settings and change game storage to external. This creates a folder in the external drive with Recalbox structure inside of which I have to move the games. The thing is, if I move the games to the Recalbox folder then I won't be able to use them for "another retrogaming os" too, and I would like to use the games from both systems without having to copy them in two different folders. So I had thought that maybe I could create symbolic links for each game inside the Recalbox folder. Would this work? Any other idea of how to do this?

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    @darknesscrysis See if this helps:

    Considering that you are on the Recalbox forum, and Recalbox is working, we are unable to provide support for another operating system.
    I recommend that you test both systems, and choose one like the vast majority of users do. I say from experience: I tested 2 different systems in the past, but Recalbox was my final choice, for stability, practicality and functionality. Even the Recalbox community caught my attention, as it was more receptive and participatory.

    Obviously, not everyone agrees with this, and there are users who choose other systems, there is no problem with that (the only problem is when a user chooses another system and becomes a "hater" and tries to attack the Team and the community unnecessarily).

    But, using 2 different operating systems at the same time, it will be "stressful" so to speak (I don't know the correct term in English), you will have problems like the one you are facing, and you will end up confusing one system with another , systems may conflict over configuration files with the same name, but with different options, etc.

  • Y have 1Tb external HDD with 3 partitions to test in parallel Batocera, Recalbox and Retropie, this 3 partitions are equally divided in NTFS format each one and identical romset in each one. First partition is labeled BSHARE (dedicated to Batocera), second partition is labeled RSHARE (dedicated to Recalbox) and third partition is labeled PSHARE (dedicated to Retropie). And three microSD cards with this 3 different systems. In the menu of each system is possible to select the corresponding partition to use by each system (but Retropie is a little more complex). So, your idea it's perfectly possible.

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