Problem with two PS3 controllers - incorrect order for Player 1 and 2 in RetroArch

  • Hi guys,
    I just installed Recalbox 7.1.1 on my RPi3b+ and I have the same problem as I did on Recalbox 6.1.1 with two PS3 controllers connected.
    Both controllers are paired and connected via one usb bluetooth dongle (CSR 4.0).
    The red PS3 controller (#0 SONY PLAYSTATION...OLLER) is connected first on channel 1 (LED number 1 is lit on it) and selected for "INPUT P1" in "CONTROLLERS SETTINGS".
    The white PS3 controller (#1 SONY PLAYSTATION...OLLER) is connected second on channel 2 (LED number 2 is lit on it) and selected for "INPUT P2" in "CONTROLLERS SETTINGS".
    Unfortunately, after running any RetroArch emulator (NES, SNES, PSX etc.), it turns out that their order is changed - the white PS3 controller on channel 2 controls the game menu and "Player 1", the red PS3 controller on channel 1 controls only "Player 2".
    Can this be fixed somehow?

  • In the bluetooth.tar file, both controllers have the same name & ID:
    Maybe this is causing problems in RetroArch?

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    @Voytex86 Did you test with a clean installation, without modifications?

  • Yes, I tested it on a clean install.
    I guess I have to use a third party controller for "Player 2" 👍

  • The problem is finally solved - I bought a Trust YULA GXT 545 PS3/PC wireless controller with a dedicated dongle (set to D-input, buttons must be manually configured) for "Player 2" and everything works fine in RetroArch 🙂
    Now the original PS3 controller (connected first on channel 1) works for "Player 1" and the game menu, and the Trust controller (connected second on channel 2) only works for "Player 2":
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