RPi2b+ Can't set resolution 720p

  • Hi everyone, I need to know if someone could have a solution for a problem I have with my Raspberry 2 B +. It turns out I had to reinstall my system, and I downloaded the new image on the official Recalbox 7.1.1 page and installed it following all the instructions, but unlike the previous version that had 7.0.1 when starting the 1st time it showed a screen of installation where it was seen that it was working installing and when finished it had everything recognized correctly, and the new SHARE partition system was recognized directly by windows, but version 7.1.1 does not show installation or anything, only a black screen, the system appears directly in the EMULATION STATION menu and without recognizing neither the video nor the audio, in a standard 640x480 and without audio, nor the partition SHARE is recognized now by windows, I can only see it from the WEB MANAGER, I read all the tutorials, and fix the audio, but the video mode there is no case, from the recalbox.conf change to CEA 4 HDMI and still everything is still in 640x480, I have looked everywhere for a solution and I can not find anything, someone could Would you help me please?
    Beforehand thank you very much. and i apologice for my bad english.

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