Recalbox 7.1.1 on pi zero w - impossible to get back to menu (freeze/crash)

  • Recalbox version:7.1.1 (downloaded from recalbox website, flashed with etcher)
    Platform: raspberry pi zero w
    Disk: sandisk class 10 sd card
    Controller: stock sony ps3 dualshock
    Screen: computer screen plugged via hdmi

    Seem to experience some issues for which I found no explanation so far:
    My system systematically freezes/crashes when getting back to menu from any emulator using hotkey+start on the controller.
    The pi seems to be calculating/working hard but stays on black screen forever, forcing me to hard shutdown.

    Menu, screen, audio, ps3 controller and wifi all work fine (though wifi in menu seems a bit buggy).
    Some emulators do load and work find but the exit/crash seems systematic.

    Also noted the following issue (maybe not related):
    Added a valid atari lynx bios and loaded roms but the emulators (both libretro handy and mednafen lynx) seem to load up to game splash screen then the pi freezes (on lots of games).

    Is there a ay to fix this?
    It’s a bit annoying to have to hard shutdown every time...

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    @gloubiboulga I recommend that you do a clean install of the latest official version (Don't forget to backup before), and, test without modifying anything, test only with the Homebrews that come with the system, and check if the same problems happen.
    If the system no longer has problems, it indicates that you had mistakenly modified some configuration, there are some possibilities:

    • If you already used Recalbox, and just copied the ROMs to the new version, the problem is with the gamelists (which need to be updated, I recommend using some external software, such as Skraper or ARRM, to be easier and faster)
    • If you already used Recalbox, and copied configuration files from some previous version, these settings are conflicting, it is better not to use old configuration files, and reconfigure in the new version, letting the system create the files correctly.
    • If you have not used any previous version: the most common problems are custom themes, use the default theme, or, a theme that is up to date:
    • Old overlays are also a problem, use updated ones:
    • Shaders, and rewind can sometimes cause problems, leave both disabled and test.

  • @Zing

    This was all on a fresh clean install...

    It seems I somehow sorted it out:
    Went hunting for BIOS roms and installed all the one I found (even and especially the optional ones).
    Additionally I also slightly overclocked the pi zero (though I don’t believe it had direct effect on the freeze issue; makes it overall run better though).

    So far I don’t experience the same issue anymore so I believe it was due to the fact the pi zero is a bit limited in computation power so it really need BIOS installed (even optional ones). or so it seems...

    Thanks for the feedback though! Very much appreciated!

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