Im new and need help whit my pi4 4gb with recalbox sound lags

  • I just set it up and got all the right Bios of psx Im mainly running pa1 games on it
    all my games load up and run like they should but the sound is lagging so mush.
    Im not well into this just found out about raspberry pi two weeks ago. I have been using youtube as my guide to the set up and Im sure I did that correctly since everything runs fine except the sound.

  • Hi Atli25,

    I have exactly the same issue on my rpi4, but in all emulators not only psx and on the default installation, but the sound is ok and no lag on Recalbox menu and in Kodi. It comes only on games.

    It works great with no lags on my rpi 3 b and my rpi 3b+, but not on my pi 4

    Yesterday I posted this issue on the French forum, I am waiting for any information for it.

    For now to get rid of this lag, It seems that to force the HDMI in 720p (hdmi group and mode) in the config.txt resolves the trouble (I have tested only 5 times and turn off and on system, each time and it is ok for now)

    tell me if it solves your problem too.

  • I fix it!!.
    the problem was the shaders and shaders set
    my game settings are:

    GAME RATIO: auto
    SHADERS: 4xbr retro.glslp
    SHADERS SET scanlines

    hope this halps you

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