Splashscreen working, then goes Black RPI 4 400

  • Hey there and merry christmas to everybody.

    This is my first post on this forum.

    Yesterday i got an update on my Recalbox RPI 4 400.

    I was running Recalbox 7 just fine. After the update my TV does show the splashscreen and just goes black after this.
    A few seconds later a floaty message from my TV pops up saying that it is an unsupported format.

    (Sound Output is working fine, so i guess i am plugged in to the correct hdmi port)

    (I am running a LG C9 OLED TV)
    It does run just fine on my Samsung TV in the bedroom.

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to solve this?

    I already did a fresh install after thinking there was a problem while updating.

    I am quite new to this topic so i am hoping for some help.

    Thx to anyone reading this and helping me in advance.

    Greetings Thomas

  • Hey there, i am replying to myself now 🙂

    After using ssh to edit the config.txt file and enabling hdmi_Safe=1

    I can get into ES. The problem now is, that the resolution and overscan is completely messed up.

    How do i change the value of safe mode?

    I feel, i am so close to it.

    Does anybody know, what the changes between 7 and 7.1.1 are and why normal hdmi mode is not working anymore ?

    greeting Thomas

  • @senses88 hello Thomas,

    I have exactly the same problem... Same TV...

    Have you find a solution ?

  • @Alibaskins
    So now it's working when i uncomment this :

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