Copying ROMs without wifi

  • Is there a way to copy my ROMs over to Recalbox without Recalbox being connected to my network?

  • I wonder the same. I setup 2 Recalboxes with beta 4.0 last weekend and it took me ages to copy over 20 gigs of roms and scraping data each time. I tried to create an SD card image of the first Recalbox, but the second SD card had a different manufaturer, so it was not exactly identical and the image could not be transferred. Accessing the share or roms folder from Windows via SD card slot would be cool. Will an EXT4 driver for windows help? Thx, Dan

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    You know you can backup and restore scrape ? As for the share I don't think it is possible for the moment

  • Sure, I know. I have a backup and on my Laptop there is a copy of the recalbox share folder incl. all Roms, Bios, Scrapings and Settings. So I can install a fresh SD, attach it to the network and then copy over just this one folder. It's even easier since in 4.0 the scrapings are inside of the roms folders. But the copy process itself takes ages, last time about 10-12 hours. Had another tought: If Noobs would not create the EXT4 partition with maximum size of the SD card, but leave a few MB unused, it may be possible to clone and restore an SD image. Most SD cards differ in a few MB capacity, thatswhy restoring an image fails if the new SD card is just a little bit smaller. Learned this the hard way after setting up a perfect Recalbox on a 32GB Samsung mSD and trying to clone it to SanDisc or Toshiba mSD with also 32GB. They were a few sectors smaller. Need to try, if I could restore the image to a 64GB mSD. Greetings, Duglim

  • Je suis egalement interessé. J'ai exactement les mêmes problemes.

  • I test h<span style="color: #737c85; font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; font-size: 12px;">ttps:// and it's doesn't work...</span> i'm effraid to quit recalbox if i cannot copying ROMs without wifi and usb key

  • Would really love this feature as well. Trying to setup a box for my buddy and now i'm getting network issues trying to put this second recalbox on my LAN with the same hostname etc... would be much easier to just transfer the roms locally on my computer to the SD card.

  • Use a live USB Ubuntu on your PC, then you will be able to access to your share partition.

  • @hughesadam87 either follow rock's advice, either change the hostname (it's in the recalbox.conf), either use a USB key

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