Saving on virtual memory card (PSX, Raspi4)

  • Hey,

    I am on a fresh install on a Raspberry Pi 4. Got my bin/cue's for the PSX emulator and downloaded all the BIOSes, and everything is working like a charm except for saving on a memory card in a game (I tried in Hexen and Digimon World 2003). Both say that the game was saved successfully, but when I shut down my recalbox, the next start the virtual memory card is empty again. How can I actually save my games?

    I only have a PS1 Controller via USB converter, which works out of the box, but does not have a hotkey (so I have to remove the power from the raspberry to shut down the emulator). Is this why save states are not persisted? Or are you not supposed to use the 'save to memory card' functions in emulated games anyway?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Nevermind, I found it. The combination is SELECT + L3 (Push in left stick) and X for the menu where you can save/load and so on.

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