Mame/FBA rom compatibility and exclusion

  • Honestly Recalbox has the answer for almost everything. The only thing I am finding problematic is limiting my romsets for mame/FBA/PiFBA  to be only roms that work and work well. I want all the roms on there, because I can tinker in my own time in seeing if I can add them to the support list by changing settings trying a different core if an overclock brings it to workable but when I leave it for my friends to play on I don't want them to launch a game that will crash the box or just does not work. Now we have good documentation with googledocs showing the known working and games with problems.  And as a community we do fine editing that. Would some kind of exclusion option in Recalbox be viable. For example kind of a like a exclusiongamelist.xml file that could sit inside the roms directory. That file could be auto-populated from the google docs containg rom compatibility or manually edited by the user.  It would contain only known working roms for its companion emulator Then I would want a enable/disable option in the main start menu which allowed to hide known non-working roms that option would enable and automatically only show files in the .xml file as those are the authorotative list of guranteed working roms. When its disabled I could tinker as I want and then if something became working we can then edit the google docs list.   Thoughts opinions? Do we have something that already does that?

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    I wrote the googledocs almost single handedly and decided to limi it to the 1000 best arcade games because testing everything would be impossible and besides there is A LOT of crap games in mame/FBA romsets. I plan to add 20 more when I can but I'm waiting for two very annoying bugs to be corrected in 4.0.0       B   esides every game appears in these romsets in at least three different versions, sometimes 5 or 6 !   So it's quite impossible to do what you ask automatically with only the list which would cover less than 10% of the roms of the full romset...   I would also warn you that adding full arcade romsets would add between 3000 and 4000 rom files to gamelist.xml and would cause long delays when starting or shuting down the recalbox, as an unfortunate member wrote these days : his recalbox takes 20 minutes to shutdown !   So in my opinion what you're asking can not really be done and it is dangerous, I suggest you add manually the games which are not in the list and that you test them   And I'm not sure if you're aware of it but in 4.0.0 you can hide game from the ES menu

  • Can I ask where the google doc is? Mame is the only emulator that has given me issues, all my other emulators/roms work perfect. The two romsets supported now with Recalbox 4.0, I downloaded the .78 set and some older games worked, games like TMNT2, MK2 though did not. Whats even weirder is I still have the .37b5 romset, I moved over a couple of Roms from the older set and tried with the newer Mame emulator and they worked. So yeah, my Mame emulator is a train wreck atm trying to get things working properly haha. The only games I really play are older ones like Centipede, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Ms.Pacman then some ones from the '90s like TMNT, TMNT2, XMEN, MK, MK2.

  • @Voljega Can you give me edit rights to the compatibility document?  I have gotten in my raspi 3 overclocked it and am testing with compatibility for games that were known to work poor or just not work on the raspi 2.  email is Maybe add a raspi 3 column?

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    Pi3 is not compatible with Recalbox for the moment, so we'll see when it is for the edit rights Games wich were not working will be not work either on Pi3 it's still the same emulator, however those which are slighty or medium lagging should be improved But I was already planning to do it so I may indeed need when the time comes, please send me a private message with your email I am not sur I will find this thread again when needed

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