recalbox pi4 version 7.0.1 roms run slow and sound is awful

  • is anyone else having this issue ?? for me it happens on nes rom , mame rom, doesn't matter.. i opened this issue on gitlab and attached video

    so here is the weird part it's not my pi 4 and it's not my roms.. how? well the same roms , see the issue for details, run fine on recalbox 7.0.1 on my pi3, and i loaded retropie latest on my pi4 and ran same roms perfectly fine, so apples to apples logically it's not my pi4 i was starting to think it was.. this has to be a bug in recalbox 7.0.1

  • what about the shaders set in the RB menu? I had this with similar material when shaders set "retro" was enabled. Put it on "scanline" or none with shader ZFAST solve my issue

  • OK so see the gitlab issue , they suggested i test on a 1080p TV as i was using a 4k TV. it works perfect on the 1080 p tv.. so i have Shaders set to None and Shaders Set is set to None... in game setting in ES (or RB menu ) ..

    i set shader to all of the ZFAST there was more than one of those settings, none helped they all had the issue. there was a bunch more settings in Shaders Set but i didn't bother testing any other one. there is like 150+ i think :(.. besides like i mentioned hopping over to a 1080p tv to test works fine. shouldn't recalbox 7.x work on 4k tv's ? i have a visio 4k HDR 65 in.

  • FIXED!!! thanks to toniosj, see the gitlab link at the beginning of this post.. but essentially it's due to my 4K tv and he had me change some setting in config.txt, so visit the gitlab issue for specifics

    Edit your "config.txt" file on /boot folder:
    -If you're using PuTTy use "mount -o remount,rw /boot" commmand.
    -If you're using WinSCP open console (Ctrl + T), enter command "mount -o remount,rw /boot" and click Execute.
    From this file search for hdmi_group and hdmi_mode and set both as following :
    Don't forget to remove '#' char on those lines if present.

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