How to setup 6-button controller?

  • I‘ve bought a number of SEGA-style 6-button controllers like the retro-bit Saturn bluetooth controller or the M30 by 8BitDo.

    Since both EmulationStation and RetroArch basically assume a SNES/PS-style 4-button layout, how is one to get those 6-button controllers to work properly with the available SEGA emulators?

    I‘ve already tried mapping the Z and C buttons to L1/R1 or L2/R2. But depending on which SEGA emulator I‘ve tried, I never got the buttons to work as intended.

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    Hello you need to map L1 R1 on 5th and 6th button and/or L2 R2 on trigger buttton



  • Thanks for the helpful diagrams.

    However, how come that the button layout for the Saturn and Mega Drive / Genesis controller differs for the X, Y and Z buttons? I would have expected them both to share the same button mapping so that the work the same for all Genesis and Saturn emulators.

  • I have a retro-bit Sega bluetooth controller and it took me a while to figure out how to pair and configure it correctly. I'm still having an issue with handoff from Emulation Station to Retroarch but it's playable.

    Anyway, I pair the controller using home+X. Then configure the buttons as follows in emulationstation:

    Controller == Emulation station
    B = A
    A = B
    Y = X
    X = Y
    Z = LB (ensure this configures as Axis 2+ not 2-)
    C = RB (ensure this configures as Axis5+ not 5-)
    LB = L2
    RB = R2
    Start = Start
    Select = Select
    Home = hotkey

    This configuration in emulationstation matches the normal buttons for StreetFighter2 on sega without any customizing the controller config in the emulator. To ensure Z and C configure as Axis 2+ and 5+ i have to hold them longer than usual or they detect as 2- and 5-. Sometimes have to redo C and Z multiple times to get it to detect as +.

    edit: this button config works but the problem I have is that after emulationstation goes black to enter the emulator, nothing happens until I turn off the controller (by holding the home button) and then turning it back on (by holding the home button). Then the game will play fine.

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