network share gone + error code 28, filesystem integrity check should be run

  • Just did a fresh install of Recalbox 7, I'm using a rpi3 with 128gb sd card, I was able to copy most roms normally to the sd card through the network share.

    However not able to see the Recalbox network share anymore + tried to access some folders with WinSCP and they are corrupt.
    I'm not even able to delete them.
    I always get the error for these folders / files :
    The file is corrupt; an filesystem integrity check should be run.
    Error code: 28
    Error message from server (en): Input/output error

    How can this be fixed ?

  • Tester
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    @hitmaker Your SD card is probably corrupted.
    You can try to recover it with Windows, but, it may be necessary to reinstall the system and, perhaps this will not even solve ...
    The recommended is to use a small SD card for the system, and put the ROMS, BIOS and other things in external storage.

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