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[RECALBOX 7] missing libretro/pcsx_rearmed bios for PSX games

  • Hi all,

    I had this error message this morning when I tried my psx games, related to missing libretro/pcsx_rearmed bios.
    It also tells that there might be a problem with the md5 checksum and I confirm it is related.

    Here is what I did to solve it :

    • get all missing bios for psx : the list is available in the bios menu / section psx (you can use a pack like BIOS_Recalbox_4.1_18.02.09)
    • add the missing bios to the \RECALBOX\share\bios\ folder : SCPH1001.BIN, SCPH7001.BIN, scph5502.bin, SCPH1002.BIN, SCPH7002.BIN, SCPH101.BIN)
    • Install Putty tool
    • run this ms-dos commands, to make recalbox's config files writable :
      cd C:\Program Files\PuTTY
      plink RECALBOX -l root -pw recalboxroot mount -o remount, rw /
    • connect to your recalbox using ssh/putty :
      create a session with hostname "root@recalbox"
    • open the bios config file :
      nano /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_bios.xml
    • look for the system playstation :
      ctrl+w , type psx, enter
    • in the section psx, replace md5 value of bios "scph1001.bin", (dc2b9bf8da62ec93e868cfd29f0d067d) with this value : "924e392ed05558ffdb115408c263dccf"
      this is the correct md5 value for the bios file
    • save the file (ctrl+x, yes)
    • reboot recalbox
    • check that in the bios menu that psx bios are all valid
    • run your favorite game

    If some games still cannot be lauched, like me you can :

    • add bios "dtl-h1001.bin"
    • add the bios in the es_bios.xml file, in the "psx section", like this :
      <bios path="dtl-h1001.bin" md5="dc2b9bf8da62ec93e868cfd29f0d067d" core="pcsx_rearmed" note="Recommended for better compatibility." />

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi, I was dealing with this too today, but I didn't know where to store the correct MD5 hash. Thanks for that, works well now!

    Best Regards

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