Nespi Case+/ safe shutdown installed / power and reset buttons not working at all

  • Hi guys, i am completely new to this.I have Recalbox installed on my Raspberry Pi 3B+, housed in Nespi Case+.
    It was a fresh install.
    I have installed the safe-shutdown script via PuTTY and switched the internal switch to ON.

    Issue: When i turn the Raspberry on, the Power LED goes on just for a second and then goes off. The Recalbox boots normally, but neither the Power nor the Reset button respond at all.

    When i switch the internal switch to OFF, everything works fine, it just has hard Reset and shutdown.

    Here is what i got back when installing the script, just to be sure, because i don't understand these things:

    wget -O - "" | bash--2020-07-24 20:58:33-- to||:443... connected.HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OKLength: 1286 (1.3K) [text/plain]Saving to: 'STDOUT'
        100%[===================>] 1.26K --.-KB/s in 0s
    2020-07-24 20:58:33 (12.7 MB/s) - written to stdout [1286/1286]
    --2020-07-24 20:58:37-- to||:443... connected.HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OKLength: 818 [text/plain]Saving to: '/opt/RetroFlag/'
    /opt/RetroFlag/Safe 100%[===================>] 818 --.-KB/s in 0s
    2020-07-24 20:58:37 (6.66 MB/s) - '/opt/RetroFlag/' saved [818/818]
    grep: S99RetroFlag: No such file or directoryExecutable S99RetroFlag configured.RetroFlag Pi Case Switch installation done. Will now reboot after 3 seconds.WARNING: could not determine runlevel - doing soft reboot(it's better to use shutdown instead of reboot from the command line)
    Broadcast message from root@RECALBOX (Fri Jul 24 20:58:42 2020):
    The system is going down for reboot NOW!

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    @yeeshkul there is no need to install anything. Just activate the onoffreset switch in recalbox.conf and the case will work.

  • I do need to install the script. The Nespi Case+ page sais so.
    See the link

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    @yeeshkul hi
    Go in your recalbox.conf file, open it using notepad++, check the required line :

    # System Variable
    # You can configure your recalbox from here
    # To set a variable, remove the first ; on the line
    # ------------ A - System Options ----------- #
    #    Uncomment the system.power.switch you use
    ;system.power.switch=ATX_RASPI_R2_6      #
    ;system.power.switch=MAUSBERRY           #
    ;system.power.switch=REMOTEPIBOARD_2003  #
    ;system.power.switch=REMOTEPIBOARD_2005  #
    ;system.power.switch=WITTYPI             #
    ;system.power.switch=PIN56ONOFF          #
    ;system.power.switch=PIN56PUSH           #
    ;system.power.switch=PIN356ONOFFRESET    #
    ;system.power.switch=PIN356PUSHRESET     #

    line 14 : simply remove the ";" in front on the pin356ONOFFRESET

    Save your file, and that's all.

    Don't forget recalbox is an operating system !

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    @yeeshkul I really don't understand this kind of attitude. You already tried it and it didn't work as expected. You get new instructions and you don't want to believe it.

  • @paradadf I did try without the script and it didn't work. Both buttons were completely irresponsive. I installed the script - which installed well - and there was no change.

    Why would i believe something that is not even explained, when the RetroFlag company itself directs people to install the script.

  • @Scavy Thank you, i will try this 🙂

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    @yeeshkul I gave you the same instructions as scavy.
    And you are in recalbox forum... so you better believe what recalbox people tell you or you should ask retroflag directly.

  • @paradadf I see, i am sorry, i must have missread your post. Thank you 🙂

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