NetPlay, Can't get working

  • So I am in the middle of diagnosing an issue where I can't get Netplay to work.

    I followed:

    I am running latest version of Recalbox on a Pi 3B+

    I have non intro SNES Roms (using SNES, not SNES2010, SNES2010 crashes on me)

    My router is set up to forward port 55435 and I can verify that is working.

    first issue I see, is I can't access the lobby either from Recalbox manager (Hitting X at console select) or if I go in to the game, access retroarch menu and select "refresh net host lists"

    if I try and play a game in host mode (Hitting X from the game selection menu) I see a connection is made, I can see port 55435 is opening. I can also open retroarch menu and see that "Start net play host" is activated (it only give me the option to stop it.

    When I host a game it never shows up in the lobby:

    So as a test I loaded retroarch on my Mac, pointed to the same Roms I am using for Recalbox and started up the net play host and it shows up immediately. also I can scan host games and see the same list and the webpage for the lobby above.

    can someone point me in a direction to try next?

  • Fixed this issue.. stupid me..

    when I used the Recalbox.conf file to hard code the wifi IP address it doesn't set a name Server in the /etc/resolv.conf

    once set, everything worked.

  • By the way, a big thank you to @lionsquall for helping me out with this and testing!!

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