X-Arcade Tankstick - two questions

  • Hello,

    I have searched this topic a few times and can't find an answer. I am running Pi3B+ and a new X-Arcade Tankstick and I have two questions.

    1. when I go in to the controller set up and configure a new controller to map the buttons it detects it as a Xbox controller not a keyboard. but I am able to map the buttons to match :


    So first question, is it ok it sees it as a xbox control and not a keyboard?

    1. I can't seem to find a way to increase (speed up) the trackball sensitivity, when running a game like centipede I am able to go in to the Mame menu and I see an option for Analog sensitivity, it's at a default of 1, changing this doesn't seem to effect trackball speed. I don't see another option to increase/decrease sensitivity.

    Thanks in advanced for any guidance

  • @sroach said in X-Arcade Tankstick - two questions:

    X-Arcade Tankstick


    1 - i think recalbox doesn't support keyboard as a controller for the game... it uses only game controller... so it is normal recalbox see your tankstick as a game pad

    2 - your trackball doesn't seem to be analog so it is normal tha you can't change sensitivity


  • @zetof

    Thank you for the answers, great point, there is a place to change the input type to digital, let me explore that.

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