n64 controller configuration

  • I have read the main post on this several times, it means nothing to me I'm afraid. The GUI mapping isn't quite right (z trigger missing for example) and although there is a certain amount auto config'd there are buttons missing and it's not exact. The link below is the one i assume will get things working correctly, but as I say, afraid I cannot fathom where to begin - if someone could provide a very basic guide/link to one that would be great. Thanks in advance.

    Running 6.1.1 on odroid xu4.


  • @burts_19 ok - so I've managed to find the mupen64plus.txt file - I've edited it according to the suggestions in the github, however, as that mentions at the start it's read only - I'm editing the file in notepad, on a laptop connected over a network - so the advise offered on github to make the file read/write doesn't seem to apply (or make sense to me).

    Please let me know if I can edit the file this way and/or direct me to where I can.

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    in french but use google translate 😉

  • @acris thank you so much for the help. I've downloaded puTTy, accessed the files, changed them to the correct config for my controller after testing all the buttons, saved, checked they've changed in file manager, rebooted odroid, config files still as I've changed in file manager and puTTy. Load a ROM and changes haven't taken effect.

    Look back in config file in file manager and puTTy and they've changed back.

    So it seems loading a ROM reverts my changes, any ideas please?

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    Edit this file /recalbox/share/system/recalbox.conf
    N64 replace line by this one :


  • @acris brilliant, i missed that step because I couldn't see the file to change, it's right at the bottom - change the n64.flatfolder=0 to n64.configfile=dummy.

    Thank you so much - I appreciate that must have been frustrating - these things are so difficult when you don't have a clue.

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