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Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Linux and recalbox dual boot on the same ssd

  • Hi I am wondering if some can help me I want to install Linux and recalbox as dual boot on the same ssd. I have allocated 35gb to recalbox and the rest to Linux os. I want to know and need your help what i need to know is 35gb just for os recalbox as all my games are on another internal hhd. I tires to install this recalbox-x86_64.img.xz but it just got stuck in recalbox when i go to the first otiopn called recalbox and then it does not do anythinhg stuck on this screen. Is this possible to Linux and recalbox or if its not possible then what about windows and recalbox on the same drive? I wait for your help.
    Umar Abid

  • Local Moderator

    @syfer1987 I'm not sure I understand the situation, but, let me try to help:
    First, install RECALBOX on a USB stick and check if your computer is compatible, some video cards are not, and if so, there is no point in continuing to try to install in dual boot.
    RECALBOX is based on Linux, so it is easier and more recommended for you to dual boot with Linux, I think that installing RECALBOX and then LINUX, in that order, is even easier (In the opposite order, I believe it will require that you edit the grub manually).
    35Gb is a lot of space if you are not going to put the ROMS on the same HD, I can't say what the minimum space used by the system is, but I think that without any ROM, 4GB should be enough (I'm guessing).
    If you want to try Recalbox with Windows on Dual boot, I recommend this topic (in French, but it is the best topic on that subject):

  • @syfer1987 IAm in the same that you. I have a nebook with LUBUNTU and the recalbox from pen in verbose mode only, works great. I create two partitions (thinking it was like BATOCERA) but I had 3 partitions (BOOT RECALBOX AND SHARE) And I cant copy all the files needed (gives permissions error)
    Any help?

  • Local Moderator

    @kochfede Apparently you are not accessing as ROOT in the File manager, research how to do this in LINUX, and if it helps you:

  • Hi thank you but can I ask is there any way that I can turn normal pen drive in to fully rom os with external ROMs support through external hdd?

  • Local Moderator

    @syfer1987 Recalbox recognizes only one SHARE partition at a time (this partition includes BIOS, ROMS, Saves, etc.), you can, for example, have the system on 1 pendrive and the ROMS on an external hard drive, but cannot access the ROMs on the flash drive and the external hard drive at the same time, you need to switch between storages via the system menu, and each time you switch, you need to restart the system. It is not so difficult, but it is not instantaneous.
    In short, you can have the lightest ROMS on the same USB stick of the system, and the heavier ROMS like PSX, MAME, Dreamcast, on an external HD, but you cannot access both devices at the same time, you can switch between them.

  • @Zing Thank you for this. Mebe the developer recalbox could find a way to add this feature in so that we can use external had without a restart. Does any one know a way to contact developer?

  • Local Moderator

    @syfer1987 I believe that the most direct communication channel with developers is Discord.

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