8Bitdo Megadrive, sudden & unexplicable issues

  • Good morning all,

    My 8Bitdo wired controller and my 2nd 8Bitdo M30 Bluetooth controller recently encountered random bugs on Recalbox (6.1.1).

    The 8bitdo firmware update does not change anything.
    The megadrive bluetooth controller had 3 LEDs on 4 flashing at the bottom, it had never done so, but I don't think it is a link with all the problems below.


    • the "star" button on the 8Bitdo M30 no longer works at all (cannot be assigned as a hotkey in Recalbox)
    • sometimes, with one or two controllers, in Street Fighter 2 type games, the Start button does not work at the start of the game, then it starts to work suddenly, or I restart the controller, and it works ( or not ...), whatever the controller.
    • despite the settings of the Hotkey on the "Home" button of the 8bitdo M30 (instead of the "star" button), it does not sometimes work in the game for shortcuts.
    • Unable to navigate in the Retroarch menu sometimes (random and "crazy" navigation in the menu, automatically)
    • Even with the wired controller, the assigned Hotkey button sometimes does not work.

    In short, I am completely lost, and I do not know what could have happened suddenly for all this to happen.

    Any ideas ?
    thank you so much

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