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  • In the file directory there is an 'os' folder which currently has recalboxOS and recalboxOS-rpi2. As I have the RPi2 could I remove the other folder? Also, if I take the Raspbian folder from the NOOBS installation image and put it in here will I be able to install/select it at startup? I'm quite interested in learning more about Arch Linux so I have a better understanding of configuring recalbox. Just curious :)

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    Hi, Yes you can remove the recalboxOS directory. If you copy the raspbian directory of a normal noob, it may install, maybe work, but it's not guaranteed.

  • Removing the recalboxOS worked great and gave me more space! Copying the Raspbian directory also worked but doesn't duel boot. Not really an issue though. REcalbox included with that would be sweet :-)

  • Good Morning, you can also copy the recalboxOS-rpi2 Folder into the NOOBS OS Folder. Installation with NOOBS 1.4 = charming RecalBox + OpenElec

  • Thanks for your reply. I managed to get it working by using the NOOBs install image and then doing exactly that! Won't use this on my main build as Raspbian pinches half of the available space (i.e. 32GB). Will be useful for development on my other memory card though :)

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