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Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Adding new versions of mame?

  • So if I understand correctly, the default mame emulators are mame2003 (.78 ROMs) and fba. If I want to play a game that requires a newer version of mame, how could I add the emulator to the system? The specific game I’m trying to play is X-Men 6 player fyi.

  • Local Moderator

    @affattack You cannot add emulators, you can only switch between one of the available emulators / core.

  • CRT Hero

    @affattack I think mame2015 is available in the list, however as i warned you in the other topic the game won't work 100% properly (it still doesn't nowaday). I'm not sure why you would want to play this version of the game over the properly emulated 4P version since RB doesn't even support 6P.

  • @barbudreadmon well my thinking was, maybe I could add the emulator that does run the game properly. I didn't realize that the 6 player isn’t supported though, that crushes the dream for now. Damn I really want to play this game with 5 of my friends lol.

  • CRT Hero

    @affattack said in Adding new versions of mame?:

    I could add the emulator that does run the game properly

    For the third time : an emulator that handle this game 100% properly doesn't exist (might be close enough with mame2015 & above though, i just know that mame still tags this game's emulation as "imperfect").
    Afaik, next RB might have support for up to 12 players (for saturn's sake).

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