Help with X-Men 6 Player ROM

  • Hoping someone can help me out, I’ve been looking online all day but can’t seem to find anything specific to my issue.

    I’m trying to play the 6 player version, I’ve loaded multiple copies of every X-men game (2 and 4 player/all region codes) into the mame folder and both fba folders for testing purposes. The 2 and 4 player versions all work, all versions and on all 3 emulators. But only one 6 player rom will load. The problem is it says “defect ic found” and will only load the player select screen. You can hit select to add credits but no other buttons work. I’m stuck here at the moment. Does anyone know how to get this working? Thank you for any help or suggestions.

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    @affattack xmen6p & xmen6pu aren't supported by FBNeo (neither in the deprecated fba forks). Those games might be playable in MAME2015 & above, however it appears they are still not properly emulated nowaday due to lack of information (see comment in the mame driver)

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