I cannot boot recalbox help

  • Help me. When im booting it its only in black screen and says.

    GNU GRUB version 2.00
    Minimal BASH-like line editing os supported. For the first word. TAB lists possible command etc

    How can i run recallbox? Please help me

    Btw im using laptop fujitsu lifebook S516 i5 2nd gen and booting using 16gig pendrive.

  • hi, does this happen from a fresh install or did it work before? or did you upgrade it?

    which version are you running? did you follow the installation lines in the DIY section of the main site? (download the image -> write it on a dedicated support)

  • Im running fresh. Yes i did follow the steps and I am using the latest image file sir

  • My guess is that your machine falls back straight into the bootloader shell because it cannot find its configuration file, or it is not valid. The bootloader shell is very minimal and it's not easy to work with. Or, the bootloader cannot find the kernel because reasons (wrong kernel name, wrong kernel / dev path, wrong devname most likely).

    Please post contents of /cmdline.txt from the flash USB root dir. Verify that the root dir hosts the kernel (zImage or bzImage or uImage). Please also post contents of /boot/ and /boot/grub2 (if present). Check if directory /etc/grub.d is present, and if it holds something. (You might need to access a working Linux system to do this, if the USB stick was formatted in ext4 or similar.)

  • edit: instead of "/boot/grub2" there should be a "/boot/grub" directory. Please also post the contents of "/etc/defaults/grub" (if present).

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