Recalbox 7.0

Generic PS2/3 controller keep disconnecting

  • Hi,

    I'm new to the community, and I've just built my own console using Raspberry Pi 3 B+ & Recallbox, which turned out to be surprisingly easy. Unfortunately, I'm also not very advanced in configuration matters and I'm facing some slight but irritating problems with my Esperanza Gladiator controllers (I've got two such devices). Basically, they work fine, but from time to time they disconnect and connect again. Can it be fixed?

    They're connected via an USB dongle, they look like AliExpress generic PS controllers (

    I've searched the forums, but couldn't find any topic that would help me.


  • While searching for a fix I've come upon this information: I've been trying to change this setting in my config, but whatever I set it's always restored to default when I reboot. Any ideas why?

  • A small update. I managed to change the joypad driver by editing config file, but whatever I chose (official, ps3, shanwan), the controllers still keep disconnecting... 😞

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    @macu ps3 drivers won’t make a difference if you fon’t have a ps3 controller or ps3 clone. Your controller appears to be a generic radio frequency (RF) controller, as you mentioned it came with a usb dongle (aka receiver).
    Does ir disconnects itself randomly? It might be just that the reception is bad... happens more often with low quality controllers.

  • @paradadf

    I've tested both joypads under Win10 at my PC and they worked fine. Accoridng to my observations, the pads disconnect when they're plugged in together. It doesn't happen when only one of them is plugged. Also, it seems that when I replug the dongles with Recalbox switched on, it sometimes helps to get rig of the disconnecitons. At least this is what I believe for the time being, I'm still testing it.

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