6.1 Save States and Hi Scores Lost for NeoGeo

  • Hi
    Just recently upgraded from Recalbox v6.0 to v6.1.
    I had two (2) saved states; mslug2.state and mslug2.state8, for states 0 and 8 respectively.
    Before the upgrade I backed-up of these files as contingency as well as the high score files.
    Since the upgrade though the above save state files remain intact/untouched, the emulator is not loading the save states as before.
    In addition the high score files are also not being recognised.

    Can someone provide a solution as to reinstate the usage of the saved state files otherwise i'm going having to play the game again to reach the last level!!


  • Tester

    Hello, sorry for the question, but in which folder did you put back the save and hi-scores?

    It seems that while previously hi-scores were in recalbox\saves\fba_libretro\fba , now it saves and loads from the recalbox\saves\fba_libretro\fbneo folder, due to the fact the core changed name.

    Also the states seems to be directly in recalbox\saves\fba_libretro

    Maybe it's the reason, though I am not sure about the states.

    EDIT: I assumed you were using the fba_libretro folder, if you are using the neogeo one, I am not sure if it has the same principle, but that may be worth looking into.

  • Hello @Fishou ,
    thanks! As soon as I get home I try too (I had the same problem and I didn't understand). Excuse me one thing: why does retroarch still call fba_libretro if now it is actually fbneo_libretro?

  • Tester

    @gkm As far as I know for recalbox, it's for backward compatibility reasons (renaming the folders could be tricky to handle, maybe there are other reasons too but I don't know).

    Let me know if this fixes anything ^^

  • I got it.

    Thanks! it was enough to move all the content from fba to fbneo from the fba_libretro folder.

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