Cannot save metadata updates to ROMs

  • Re: Nothing outside of Retroarch is saving

    Not sure if there's been any progress on this topic (none that I could find), but I'm having this same exact issue. Trying to manually modify metadata for MAME roms (since the scraper is effectively down), and nothing saves. If I modify the data via the Recalbox Manager, it gives the error "unable to update ROM." If I change the data directly via the controller through Recalbox, it loses everything as soon as the system restarts. Favorites, preferred emulation cores, title of rom, everything gets reset. Any help fixing this would go a long way to addressing the stress generated by my overwhelming OCD on this issue. My psyche thanks you in advance. 🙂

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    @epb7 you need to do a full shutdown, not a quick one

  • @voljega I am having all the same issue as @epb7

    This even happens just when doing the restart. I am usually doing a full shutdown, in fact I haven't even ever tried the quick shutdown cause I already heard it can cause issues.

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