dell optiplex 3020 Dreamcast and psx dont work

  • Hi everyone,

    I have used an old dell optiplex 3020 3.5ghz dual core for my build.
    I have installed everything and it is all working great, except from dreamcast and playstation.

    I really cannot work out for the life of me why they won't play, and they're two of the main consoles I wanted to run.

    I've got games installed, BIOS have been installed, games are showing in the emulator on the home screen, but when I click on them the screen will go black like it is about to load and then returns to the emulators game list. 😞

    I've been trying and trying to work out what's wrong and scouring the forum to try different things and just can't work it out.

    Thank you to a great community

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    @jj1990 Firstly, it is possible that some emulators may not run on certain computers, due to hardware limitation (I don't know if that is the case, I am just pointing out that this possibility exists).

    About Dreamcast and PSX: Are You Sure You Have the Right BIOS? Are they being recognized by Recalbox Manager?

    Are you sure you have ROMS in the correct format, and that they work?

  • 0_1568114522229_Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 12.20.57.png

    0_1568114567000_Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 12.22.19.png

    This is what I'm getting in the manager...but I've tried with BIOS from several different places and just no luck.

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    @jj1990 Without the correct BIOS it is almost impossible to work (although sometimes you have a different MD5 and it works).
    Your PSX BIOS isn't even being recognized, which can't work.
    You need to find the correct BIOS on your own (Forum rules), and only after that you can question if it doesn't work yet.
    The BIOS are case sensitive, even in extensions, sometimes renaming it is already recognized.

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