Hi , I´m loking for help with the roms.

  • Hi everyone, please, if someone can help me with my situation, I just bought a raspberry pi3 model b, and i just donwloaded recalbox 4.0.1 , i want to know where can i find the roms for the 39 emulators that works with recalbox 4.0.1 , and i want to know if i can use some roms that a friend just gave to me, for example, my friend gave me roms for game boy advance and i want to know if i can put them in the folder of game boy advance and if they are going to work. thanks a lot.

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    Please :

    • Do not double post
    • Download last version 6.0, 4.0.1 is not supported anymore and is really really old
    • Do not ask for roms as this is against the rules of the forum (please read them)
    • If you friend gave you some roms, maybe just simply try them and see if they work ? No one is going to be able to say anything about them to you with so few details given

  • @voljega ok, I'm sorry, thanks a lot.

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    Closing this. Duplicate of https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/18614/buenas-tardes-pido-ayuda-con-los-roms/

    You got duplicated answers in two languages... great. Don‘t open the same topic in different languages... that makes people loose their time.
    I hate that because:

    1. The topic poster doesn‘t mention he/she opened a secon one
    2. Trying to increse the change or speed pf response by bloating the forum is unfair
    3. Once the one topic is answered, I haven‘t seen one single poster mention it on the other topic in the respective language to help the community (which is the main reason why I hate that)

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