Recalbox 7.0

Trouble Using 2 Controlls

  • so i've been using recalbox for awhile now with no issues. i purchased a snes30 bluetooth controller from 8bitdo and that worked without issue, as im really into the controlled i thought id buy a second one to get a bit of two player action, i ended up getting the snes30pro. i scanned for bluetooth devices and the system picked it up and paired it, it showed as a sepetate controller on the system so set this up for player 2. on starting a gane i noticed that the dpad on each controller controlled player 1, the start and select on both pads worked as expected but only player 1's buttons (a, b, x, y, l, r) worked. thought to myself that i just need to go into the setup controller option and just configure the pad correctly on player 2. in the setup a controller screens it detected that i wanted to configure the bluetooth pad and took me through to the screen where i assign everything. now on this screen im experiecing a couple of problems; - i cant configure 'down', when im on it and it says 'press a button' i press down, the highlisted button to configure moves down a couple of spaces to 'right' and 'left' is configured with the down press on the controller. - i then done the stupid thing of thinking perhaps it was the controller and tried to configure the 1st bluetooth controller... same thing happened. however i did manage to semi-correct the issue by click on 'up' and the pressing down on the pad, this moves the highlighted button to configure to down and assigns it the down press on the controller. however now i use the pad, any up or down presses are recognised as two presses (at least within the emulationstation menus and screens) is there a way to configure the controllers manually through a text file? or is it possible to unpair and remove all settings for each controller and then repair them so they work correctly?

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    Did you updated your controllers with the last firmware and used the start mode of the ?

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