Recalbox 7.0

Super Mario World (NES) Sound issues

  • Hello, I'm amazed how smooth all ROMS run with Recalbox compared to the the Retropie project. Although i face some problems running the Super Mario World 1 to 3, The sound goes from hard to soft when i move through the levels and can be a little annoying. Is there a fix for this? With other NES/ SNES games i dont have any problems but i want to play this game so badly as it brings back great memory.

  • Try snes9x-next. Which version of recalbox do you use? With recalboxOS v3.3.0-beta-7 and above you can edit the recalbox.conf via your webbrowser. Just type the ip of your pi in the adress bar and navigate to the config and change snes emulator to snes9x-next.

  • Thanks for the reply. I've got the following emulator settings: And i use the newest Recalbox version v3.3.0-Beta 17 # ------------ I - EMULATORS CHOICES ----------- # ## You can override the global configuration here ## Here is the snes example ;snes.videomode=CEA 4 HDMI ;snes.core=snes9x_next ;snes.shaders=/recalbox/share/shaders/shaders_glsl/mysnesshader.gplsp ;snes.ratio=16/9 ;snes.smooth=0 ;snes.rewind=1 ;snes.emulator=libretro ## If you do not want recalboxOS to generate the configuration for the emulator : ;snes.configfile=/path/to/my/configfile.cfg

  • Just delete the ";" in the front of the line: ;snes.core=snes9x_next Then save/reboot   I also had sound issues with mortal kombat 2 and by switching snes.core to snes9x_next the problems were gone 🙂

  • Unfortunately it didnt solve the issue, it slightly better though Its like the soundbar is getting moved over and over. Well if its a known thing then i can let it rest. Any other suggestions?

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    try another rom.

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    I'm confused, if it is an issue with a NES rom why would changing the SNES core do anything ? Snes9x-next is also used for nes emulation ?

  • You are playing Super Mario Bros, not Super Mario World.

  • I'm sorry i meant Super Mario BROS.. Is this a known issue?

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