Building Recalbox fails at sameboy

  • Hello, I'm trying to build recalbox from source using instructions at

    I'm doing this to get Moonlight Stream working, which does not work in 6.0, but has been fixed in preparation for 6.1.

    I have tried this on two different linux systems, one running Pop_OS! and one running Ubuntu 18.04, and got the same error:

    /usr/bin/install: cannot stat '/home/danderson/recalbox-rpi3/output/build/libretro-sameboy-9ab7f4f1d98006d57d7f058d33792598972f27d0/build/bin/BootROMs/*.bin': No such file or directory
    package/ recipe for target '/home/danderson/recalbox-rpi3/output/build/libretro-sameboy-9ab7f4f1d98006d57d7f058d33792598972f27d0/.stamp_target_installed' failed
    make[1]: *** [/home/danderson/recalbox-rpi3/output/build/libretro-sameboy-9ab7f4f1d98006d57d7f058d33792598972f27d0/.stamp_target_installed] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/danderson/recalbox-rpi3/buildroot'
    Makefile:25: recipe for target 'buildBR' failed
    make: *** [buildBR] Error 2

    Just a few lines earlier, this was called:

    rm ../libretro/cgb_boot.c ../build/bin/BootROMs/cgb_boot.bin ../libretro/dmg_boot.c ../build/bin/BootROMs/dmg_boot.bin ../libretro/sgb2_boot.c ../build/bin/BootROMs/sgb2_boot.bin ../libretro/agb_boot.c ../build/bin/BootROMs/agb_boot.bin ../build/bin/BootROMs/sgb_boot.bin ../libretro/sgb_boot.c

    A more complete paste is here:

    Reading a bit on the Discord, somebody was saying that changing their docker image to 4 cores fixed it, but it did not for me.

    To me, it looks like the makefile is deleting files that it then tries to use, and I cannot figure out which makefile is responsible. What steps can I take to get it to finish the build process?

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