Scraper not working on 6.0

  • Hello, everyone

    I was using 18.07.13 until these days and decided to perform the update to 6.0 version. I could handle most of the problems (as my songs previously added not working any longer) ... Anyways... my real problem and the one that I am not being able to fix is the following: I pasted /merged my old folders "roms" after the flash install and most of the emulators where just fine showing covers and pictures of games as were before. But a couple of them as Snes and gba were just showing those pre-installed game pictures as Classic Kong for snes ... all others are simply non-existent ... I can play the games normally but those images are missing.
    I tried to use the scraper and had no result (doesn't find content for the games going through every one of them) ... and after finishing says that "We can't find any systems! Check that your paths are correct in the systems configuration file (...)" - This occurs either I search for every system at once or isolate one.
    I also tried to use 3rd parties scrapers... but it is not really helping me cause I already have the correct images to everything that I need but my system is not recognizing or linking them with my games for some reason.

    I would appreciate if someone could help me out.

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    @arcticlion know issue, please use Skraper (external software) or wait for the next version.

  • @oyyodams Thanks for your response. I can do it manually no problem. The issue is that I don't know which files am I looking for in order to replace. Pasting the .png files in Share>Rooms>Snes>downloaded_images (for example) would be enough??? Which other files should I get and replace if so??? Should I change anything else??? >>> I mean other than the .png files <<<

  • If you download ARRM and simply click on the system you want to check, it will instantly show you the rom name, the name you will see on screen, tbe description, and image file used.
    Its then a simple matter of either re-scraping (thru ARRM), or clicking on the image box at the right and selecting an existing image to 're link' to the game.

    Honestly, ARRM has been a game changer.
    It has so many options I don't understand why anyone would even use a built in scraper!

  • @rustymg I am gonna keep an eye on ARRM (got it downloaded after your suggestion - gonna use it when I add more roms) ... I used Skraper as recommended by @OyyoDams and the software is rather intuitive! Did all the job for me... pretty much! Got my problem solved. I strongly recommend it for anyone going through the same issue.
    Thank you, guys!

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