How many systems can you have before Recalbox has issues?

  • Hi,
    I've done a search but can't find a definitive answer.
    I have over 50 systems setup on Recalbox, and I've read comments saying that it was never really intended to have 30 or more, so it's just to see if there is a definitive answer?

    Do all the "front end" graphics stay in memory, even when you start a game?

    If so, I'm thinking I must be using up a lot of RAM before I even load a game.....

    I think the PSP emu sets aside 256meg of RAM as soon as it loads, so I must be borderline with my setup.

    Anyone else got as many systems set up?

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    @rustymg I've got many and never had issues, but I stick to the official theme, and don't use PSP yet

  • I use the official theme as I actually think it's really smart - a lot of the others I find are....what's the word...."fussy" (that may not translate well !)

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    @rustymg with the 4Gb Pi4, thems shouldn't be an issue anymore

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