advance mame is very slow on Recalbox 6.0

  • Hello~
    The advance mame core of this recallbox 6.0 was slowed down. Games that worked well in previous version were slower in this version. The most popular games are Virtua Fighter and Numan Althletics 2. Can I move the advance mame core back to the previous version? I am sorry that my English. Thank you in advance.

  • I have the same problem too. In the previous version they worked wonderfully!

  • Hello, I tried to install the image of Recalbox 6.0 on another Raspberry Pi 3 B (not B +) with a 32 GB Sandisk. After starting the system for the first time, I tried not to change anything except the controls. So I put the "Championship Sprint" roms in the "mame" folder and selected the AdvanceMame core. I confirm that there are still problems with slowdowns and crackling sounds

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    advanceMame is not a core but a standalone emulator,

    Dont forget, to modify mame game option in emulationstation to use this emulator.

    Game option > mame > emulator : advmame , core : advmame and use correct romset : mame 0.106

  • Hi, I put both "emulator" and "core" on advancemame and I already use the 0.106 mameset as I used on the recalbox 4.1. But on many roms despite the 4.1 with advancemame, the system is slowed down.
    Sorry for my english.

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    very strange, because advmame is the same version both recalbox 4.1 and recalbox 6.0

  • it is indeed strange at this point. But as I wrote above, I tried to install it on another raspberry (the one I used previously for the recalbox 4.1 with the same SD and the advancemame worked wonderfully), without touching anything, putting the roms "Championship Sprint", for example, and I immediately notice the slowdown (it will be for the FPS or something else, unfortunately I can't tell you). Have you no way to test yourself too?

  • Hello @acris ,
    I did several tests with some parameters (advmame.rc.origin):

    device_video auto
    display_resizeeffect none
    display_rgbeffect none

    but the lag persists. Can you by chance check if the "Championship Sprint" or "Arkanoid Returns" roms (for example) actually work without slowdowns?


  • @acris Sorry, is there really no way to solve the problem? I have also reported the bug on github, but no one has deigned to answer, even if only to say: ok let's check or let you know or something.

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