Recalbox 7.0

N64 can not start games in any of the three emulators

  • Hello everybody! I have an issue with rb pi2 and recalbox 3.3 beta 17 (also before). Whenever I start any N64 game, after a time the emulationstation will be displayed again and the screen resolution has adjusted to the one I configured in the N64 settings. Does anyone has a solution for this behaviour? Thanks!

  • Is the rom zip or unzipped?

  • the roms are unzipped. does it make any difference? e.g. I tried the .n64 format.

  • The n64 emulator didn't run my zipped roms, so if your rom was zipped it could of been the issue.

  • Out of curiousity, did you change any information about the n64 in the es_systems.cfg?

  • Hi i am having a similar issue, I can't get any n64 games to run. I just get a black screen. I can return to the menu but no games work. Do I have to alter something in the es_systems.cfg?

  • That happened to me quite a few times. Just rebooted the Pi and it was fine. What kind fo monitor are you running ? Does it support DMT 9 ? What games did you try ? I can tell you Mario and Mario Kart run fine (well, almost fine. At least they can be launched)

  • I've tried both mario kart and mario 64, I thought maybe it was the tv so i changed the screen settings to CRT screen on recalbox configuration to see if that would change anything, this did not work.. Not sure what else i can do

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