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Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Prevent Booting from Specific Removable Media Drives

  • I run Recalbox and Kodi from an Odroid XU-4 and I have AnyExternal set as my boot device option. For the most part, that works, but I have two 6TB hard drives I use with Kodi to play stored media.

    It'd be nice to have a boot profile on one, not the other - and leave them both plugged into my XU4 to prevent excessive cable/port wear, so I'm looking for a more granular way to control which drives RecalBox writes boot profiles to.

    Is there something I can change the recalbox directory name to or a file inside I can modify to tell RecalBox to stop looking at said drive for boot profiles?

    I've tried writing all of the boot devices I want active then changing the boot option to Internal, but that ended up borking my entire Kodi library and I had to recreate it from scratch.

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    @grimfusion you can select from which specific external device should recalbox boot. Just name them differently.

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