extend recallbox dive size

  • Greetings

    i put recallbox img into 120GB Flash drive and it divide it into 3 drives on of them is recallbox drive it take 2 GB with less than 400mb free space. i try to resize it so i give it more space so i could add new theme or access it to add and remove games quicker but i couldn't
    i try mini tool partition but could change the size of the drives. hope someone helps

  • @abdulla566 This isn't recommended, but format the third partition with the remaining space on it as FAT32. Then in settings, have recalbox point to that partition, restart, then you can add whatever you want.

    It isn't recommend, because in the event of system or card failure, you'll lose everything. It happened to me, and I now keep everything stored on an attached USB flash drive.

  • here is a simple and reliable solution, which requires a clean installation

    format and resize support PiNN

    PINN is an enhancement of NOOBS for the Raspberry Pi.

  • Banned

    diskgenius let me resize (actually I had to bakup recreate and restore on bigger space). "Add or remove quicker" what the hell do you have in mind ? this looks like a very useless and dangerous idea. Also ... what the hell were the two other answers ??

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