Recalbox 6rc2 lost all after reset pc

  • Hi,
    i dont understand, i have an x86_64 version and after a simple reset i dont found my dates, lost all, roms, screenshot, configs, bios.
    If i check it, i found a clean RB installation.
    if i check the system state from web, i have 3 file system:
    none 0b/1,9Gb used
    dev/sda2 1,6/1,9 Gb
    dev/sda1 9,9/63 mb
    but...before i have 500Gb?!?

    when RB start i receive a message:
    Hold a button on your device to configure it..etc

    if i try to change language or other things, the systen dont save anything

    maybe at start i can try to launch some commands? pls help me.

    maybe the prob is the recalbox/share mount (there is a possibility to mount manually the share?)

    the HD works in windows i can see all the partitions (64mb/2Gb/465Gb)

  • my file conf is empty and if a write on it dont save
    i try to connect in ssh but ssh is not enabled (i try to enable from conf file but dont save it)

    any ideas?

    i install a new pc distro on other HD and connect the first with usb and the prob is about a partition (as i say in the first post). I need to restore the share on the partition.

    0_1558991298532_errore share.JPG

    "none partition" is a devtmpfs type


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    @gothrek For some reason (or bad luck) your SHARE partition is corrupted, you can connect your HD to another computer and try to fix the errors through windows, maybe it works.
    Otherwise, you need to try to access your SHARE partition from another computer (or a Linux Live CD for example), back up, and re-install.
    I do not know any other options, if none of this is resolved, the HD is corrupted in an irrecoverable way.

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