DS Emulator... Probably.

  • Before ordering myself a raspberry, I decided to get acquainted with your system on a laptop, and was pleasantly surprised by the presence of the DS emulator. But when I uploaded the Order of Ecclesia there, I was jarred. The game was 35-45 fps, but this is not the main problem. The sound was twitching for some reason and seemed to be very slow. I read somewhere that this year Drastic will become an open source project, and therefore created this topic. I have too little information on the question that interests me, and therefore I ask you a question.

    (Великие русские ретроконсольщики, помогите мне;))

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    @egorflame87 what is your question... actually?

    When it becomes open sourced, we will consider its integration.

  • @paradadf

    Is this a joke? I really love Nintendo DS, and if such a smart emulator gets into
    a platform like Recalbox, the number of your fans will increase. I will never choose Retropie - it is full of superfluous things, some kind of bulky something and it has a much less pleasant interface. I have already tested a lot of things on a laptop, except for Castlevania Symphony of the Night in bin format
    (+ some other necessary file with it, it seems in the "cue" format) did not launch, but I most likely found this bios incorrect;) In general, my question is - will Drastic really become open source this year? If so, then I will definitely buy a raspberry and I will pray on your system;)

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    @egorflame87 how are we supposed to know ? This not the forum of drastic development team, ask them directly.

    And even if it becomes open source, that alone will not magically improve performances and make it work better

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