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Rpi0/1 fbalpha optimizations

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    As I don’t own a rpi0/1 myself, I need you, dear community, to test this compiled version of the fba_libretro emulator fbalpha on your boards. It should be on par with pifba (fba system emulator) regarding performance, so users of the lower end boards can use a newer romset and all libretro ports benefits.

    Here is the binary for testing performance differences between fba and fba_libretro:


    (Re-)place the file inside usr/lib/libretro

    And set the appropriate permissions on the file:
    chmod u+x fbalpha_libretro.so

    Don't forget to make the partition rw before trying to copy it over:
    mount -o remount,rw /

    To be able to test the optimization, you’ll need to activate the Cyclone option in retroarch’s menu.
    It might also be useful to set frameskip to 1.

    Don’t forget fba uses the romset and fba_libretro the romset.

    Please compare the same game, from their respective romset version of course, and report if performance is similar between both.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Tester

    oky so I tested it on a pi0

    and so far
    fba_libretro a little slow
    street fighter 3 zero euro : 37 fps
    metal slug 1 : 37 fps
    art of fighting 3 : 37 fps

    I haven't tested with fba_libretro stock for the fps

    i don't know how to show fps on pifba (maybe can't possible)
    under pifba
    street fighter 3 zero euro: very speed
    metal slug 1: perfect
    art of fighting 3 : perfect

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @cissou I never tried to show the fps in pifba, but I suppose it is either not configured on recalbox or not implemented in the emulator.

    @barbudreadmon any experience on retropie with this optimization?

  • CRT Hero

    @cissou Did you enable the related core options ? "Cyclone" must be enabled, it might also be a good idea to test with a "frameskip" value of 1.

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @barbudreadmon I wasn’t aware of the need to activate the option on retroarch. I’ll add it to the description. Thanks!

  • Tester

    oky i will test with the cyclone activated

  • Tester

    So I activated the cyclone option and I gain 3/4 fps (so about 42/43 fps) with frameskip at 1

  • CRT Hero

    @cissou Those numbers are surprising, it would mean there is no performance gain at all from using the dynarec. You left the game and re-launched it after enabling the option, right ?

  • Tester

    yes, and those parameters are saved so i don't need to activate every time

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