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  • So I faced some problems as a new and beginner in recalbox but there are some things I couldn't fix it as hard as I searched,
    I want to ask how to get Dreamcast, game cube and Wii,
    For dream cast the game start for few seconds with black screen and than it kick me out to the game list menu(bios are the right ones with the right md5)
    Wii games work so fine like charm except the controller dosent work even keyboard.
    And for the gamecube games also work and the controller dosent work.
    *Running recalbox(86_64) on Dell latitude laptop with i3 and IntelHD 5500 and 8gb RAM
    *Using USB gamepad "China made" and working on all the emulators except above.

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    @ma7fouth You say you have the correct BIOS, but did not specify how you confirmed it, did you check BIOS status in Recalbox Manager?

  • sir i have broadcom 43 so network wont work till the next kernal update in recalbox(broadcom has been disabled in lunix kernel 4.15 so i know the problem is not from recalbox) anyway im using my kali to put manage my recalbox without the network manager and i tried every bios i found on internet and i did't succed help me plz im trying to make everithing work cuz i want to gift it to my my wife in her birthday cuz she love retro games

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    @ma7fouth Without Recalbox Manager, I recommend you check the MD5 of the BIOS to make sure they are correct, see this link:
    And to know the right BIOS name, see this link:
    Remembering that BIOS are not recognized if they are not with NAME, EXTENSION and MD5 identical to what is described in the Wiki, the BIOS is case sensitive, even in extensions.

    But I do not find on the wiki about Gamecube and Wii require BIOS (I do not use these systems, so I do not know so much), so that does not seem to be the case.

    According to the Wiki:
    Exactly these 3 systems: Requires an OpenGL> = 3.1 GPU (DISPLAY =: 0.0 glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version string:")

    In the emulationstation menu, if I am not mistaken in system information, it shows the OpenGL that is running, I think it is a video card incompatibility. If it is, there is nothing to do.

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