Recalbox 7.0

No XBOX360 Controller Support!?

  • Hello,

    i installed Libreelec and Recalbox with the Pinn Installer (Fork of Noobs).

    But in recalbox i dont see any option to use / Activate the xbox 360 wireless controller.
    I looked also at the Webinterface via http://recalbox.local/
    At the recalbox.conf is nothing inside, having anything to do with xbox...
    Also the Tab Controller doesn´t contain the Part Xbox360.

    Is there any way to add Support for the XBOX 360 Wireless Controller?

    I Use the orginal Microsoft Receiver

    Thanks, Julian

  • Screenscraper
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    There is nothing to do The x360 is supported out-of-the-box.

    I'm using one wired x360 controler and 2 wireless x360 with microsoft receiver without any issue.

  • So i downloaded the 6.0 RC3 and tried to flash it on my pi 3b+ via the tool Etcher.
    But at Boot time i get a Kernel Panic and nothing works.

    But i opend the .img on my Windows pc and looked in the recalbox.conf and there is also nothing in it with the Xbox360 controller.

    Does the Version 6.0 support xbox 360 controller yet at all?

  • Screenscraper
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    Did you read my previous message?

  • Global moderator

    @akabar Bkg2k says :

    There is nothing to do The x360 is supported out-of-the-box.

    So just plug your xbox360 controller.
    For your kernel Panic try another tools or use a sandisk µsd card if its not the case yet

  • i Pluged it in several times with the with the v6.0 rc2 and it doesnt work. Pressed the sync button on the receiver and at the controller also. No reaction in Recalbox.

    So not working out of the box for me 😞

    I tested it with 2 different controllers. Both work fine on my xbox 360.

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