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Amiga controllers not working

  • I have a Competion USB and a PS2 controller both do not work with the Amiberry emulator. In the Amiberry configuration I can set what I want, the only thing that works is the fire button. In the other emulators (C64, Atari, NES and so on) these controllers work fine.
    Can anyone help me?

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    Hello @chris72
    can you post your archive support, please, after launch a amiga game for @Bkg2k

    http://recalbox/help (windows) or http://recalbox.local/help (MacOS)

  • @acris @Bkg2k
    Thanks for your support. The file can be downloaded here:

    I started recalbox, then directly started a WHDL game (Great Giana Sisters), pressed the fire button once. Press the left button to start the game, but nothing happens.

    I hope you can help me.

  • @chris72 I have the same Problem. It´s just the fire Button wich works fine....sometimes! Woud be great if you can help!

  • My controllers are working now, but has nothing to do with the RC3. I found out the following by trying it out. It was just a setting that you can't change in Amiberry's GUI. Here's what I've done now:

    In the folder /recalbox/share/roms/amiga1200 I created a file named .uaeconfig.uae
    IMPORTANT is the POINT in front of it, otherwise the file will not be loaded!!!
    In this file I have only two lines in it, which will be overwritten by the default configuration:

    The use_analogue_remap is normally set to true and therefore my PS2 controller or CompetitionPRO didn't work.

    Maybe this will help others too!

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