Problems while pressing repeatedly a button PSX on Raspberry Pi 3

  • Guys I'm having some troubles while playing on psx games (Brave Fencer Musashi).

    I'm experiencing some kind of "missing" button strokes while playing this game (don't know if the problem is present in other games, since this is the only one for the moment that I'm require to continuously press a single button quickly). On this game, sometimes I need to press quickly "square" but after a couple of strokes the button barely respond and I'm not able to play the game. This is just momentary since the problem is present just when I need to press quickly the same button.

    I'm having the problem on the psx emulator on Raspberry Pi 3, using RecalBox 4.1.0

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: I'm using a xbox 360 wireless controller, but I tried with a ps3 wired controller and I'm having the same problem.

  • this is the recalbox-support

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    @anthunder RecalBox 4.1 is a very old version, upgrade to version 6.0 RC2.

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