Crashes and SD-Kart File System broken afterwards

  • I get lot of freezes like after 20 mins of gameplay on N64 for example. Or when i press reboot it just does not come back up ending in a broken filesystem of the SD Card and i have to set up everything again and again. Even without freeze it happens on reboots. Power source is a official one with high current and thick cable. Tried 3 different SD Cards, Samsung, Sandisk and noname. All three same result. I have copper heatsinks installed with special thermal glue. Temperature is always low.   What could be the reason? How to get it working stable?   Best regards, Dio

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    Hello recalbox 3.2.11 or 3.3.0beta17 ?

  • Sorry, my mistake... Forgot to mention:  Its 3.3.0 Beta 17... Will the stable release be the better choice in this case? Goldeneye N64 freezes every time i tried it after 15-20 minutes. And SD is always corrupted after that. (Have an image now so its an easy restore) On reboots it happens sometimes that it does not boot up anymore. So i use to press shutdown, and reboot manually by power disonnect. Then it works fine.

  • Just tried it again. It happens also always when i:   1. Transfer a 600MB PSX ISO over Network sharing to the PSX Roms folder. 2. Reboot after transfer is finished. 3. It does not boot anymore and shows EXT4-FS Error

  • It also happens randomly on normal booting.  It seems to boot up fine, but bluetooth not working. When trying to shutdown: EXT4FS Error. Journal not found or something like that.   No matter which SD Card i try... Is my PI Broken? (Works fine with other software)

  • So, what pi version do you have ? is it overclocked ? do you know how to use putty ? For large files transfert, it is recommended to use winscp

  • Thx a lot, with WinSCP the transfer is going a lot better and does not stop anymore. With overlocking (1050mhz, even if i choose lower core\sram clocks manually) it keeps eating SD Cards on every second boot... I think my pi2 model is very bad for overclocking, it crashes on every second boot. And with normal 900mhz clocks also crashes often. So i think the pi2 i got or at least some of its components are just a bad choice for overclocking. Maybe the next one is better. I ordered another one hoping to get it stable at 1050mhz. I used coolers, with special thermalglue and everything but it keeps crashing even on minimal overclocking, while it is pretty cool.   Iam dreaming of getting it stable at

    Clock 1100   OV 4      Core 550   SRAM  483     0 0 0   OK (multi-test) 944     1549
    But when it already keeps crashing on standart clocks, something must be wrong with it...

  • I got it...   Reason was simply my pi2. It was completly unstable, crashing often, no chance with any overclocking.   I exchanged it. With the same SD Cards the new one runs perfect, no more destroyed file systems. Even with overclocking.   Sometimes if Goldeneye N64 freezes i just pull the power cable and it boots up fine.   So i had only bad luck and got first a pi2 which had bad components. The new one is rock stable.

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