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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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New Install Problems

  • Hi All i am very new to this and not as computer savy as i would like i am trying to build this for my 5 year old i have the following

    Raspberry Pi 3
    64 gb micro sd
    PS3 Controller
    Bluetooth dongle

    I have install the program on the sd drive and it is working but it only have 10-15 Games (No Nintendo 64 or Playstation)when i was expecting 1000's
    am i missing something

    Thanks in advanced

  • Staff

    @benjando hi, you have to install the games yourself for copyright reasons.

  • I did not want to start a new thread because this is too close to my problem.
    I installed recalbox 6.0 RC-2 for my raspberry pi0/1 and I don't see the psx or n64 folders in the rom folder. Have these systems been stripped from RC2 or from pi0/1 system?

  • Staff

    @tuoppikake playstation (psx) should be there, although overclocking is highly recommended to run it properly. N64 is a no go (at this moment of time at least).


  • Well I'll be damned and blind if those systems (n64 & psx) was in the roms folder. I copied the psx bios file in the bios folder and it was verified and I hoped it would make the psx folder appear but it was a no go. Now I actually have created the two folders in the roms folder via ssh but recalbox can't make use of any of the different roms copied in the folders and the systems doesn't appear on the main menu. Maybe I need to test with other rom types?

    I'm not sure if creating the game system folders in the roms folder would be a right way to go...

  • I installed the new rc3 on my rpi1B and still there's not psx folder in the roms folder. Is there something I'm missing? I checked the board compability list for rpi0/1 and n64 was clearly marked as not working so I will forget it for now. But psx was marked with a snail, so I'd think the system would be there and usable with variable results.

    Can anyone confirm that rc3 for rpi0/1 has indeed the psx system installed or the rom folder visible?

  • Staff

    @tuoppikake I just checked and psx is indeed still too demanding for a rpi1/0. The wiki is incorrect.

  • @paradadf

    Thank you for the answer!

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